Some more Zelda Coloring Pages Love

Link is was and always will be one of the greatest gaming console Heroes. A true Hero of time. Here is another set of coloring pages I think you would all enjoy. Say hi to link in as a kid and then as a teen.
Princess Zelda and Link are so happy it take Ganondorf to ruin all the fun.
 Navi enjoys the Ocarina of time. Link must be really good at playing it.

Very serious Link. Ready to free Hyrule from its captors

New Set of Zelda Coloring Pages

My favorite Zelda has long been the Ocarina of Time. Therefore these Zelda coloring pages are my homage to Link and Zelda from that most glorious Nintendo edition.

So here is Link retrieving the legendary Master sword:

And this is one with Link using a sling shot:

And princess Zelda herself:

Don’t you just love the ears?

By the way, if you like princesses, check out this princess coloring pages site.

That’s it for now.

Crayons rule!